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Hi everyone, I've not blogged in a while.

For anyone still on my friend's list, I thought I'd mention a site I've been using lately, it's called instagc and you earn points that you can convert into gift cards. I've had £5 worth of amazon vouchers in a couple weeks :)

If anyone wants to check it out, would love if you joined via my referral link:

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I think it's sad when people sort of disappear from the internet and you can sometimes be like "oh, maybe they died". So I just thought I'd update to say I'm ok, for anyone who may remember me and may have had that thought!

I just don't use this journal anymore. But I don't care to delete it. Maybe I'll use it again one day.

I hope everyone I knew here is happy in life x

PS. I can't believe how obsessed I used to be with boy bands and such like. That's not really me at all anymore. But that's fine, that's life.

So... hi.
Wow, so I haven't updated in forever. I doubt anyone even remembers me, but that's okay. I've been a crap "friend" on here, but so much has gone on that I just don't have time to read anyone's journals anymore. I remember that I knew some really cool and interesting people on here, so it's a shame I don't stay in touch... but yeah, life happens.

My biggest news is that I passed my first year of uni, and have just spent 3 months in Spain, which was a big thing for me... I've learnt a lot. I've now got a further month free before I start university again... I'm off to Scotland at the end of this week, it should be fun.

The reason I'm coming back to this journal is basically so I can look for some Spanish communities, because I need to carry on learning Spanish, or I'll forget it all.

If you see this, and you remember that "oh yeah, she NEVER comments anymore", then feel free to delete me... I think this journal is pretty much finished, anyway, I won't be updating often, this is just a one off really, I think.

I hope everybody is well, and that everyone had an amazing year (I think in school years now again). Good luck to you all, and have happy lives!! xxx

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